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Last Update:

    Bachelor of Engg.

  • more coming soon..
  • Added notes for 7th Sem (thanks Joicy Joy)
  • Removed watermark from Divya USP Notes
  • 5th SEM CSE 2010 SCHEME - SE SS OS DBMS CN1 December 2012
  • 6th SEM CSE 2010 SCHEME - CN2 (BACK PAPER) December 2013
  • 7th SEM CSE 2006 SCHEME - OOMD SA WEB ECS JAVA C SHARP December 2012
  • 7th SEM CSE 2010 SCHEME - OOMD ECS WEB ACA JAVA SAN December 2013
  • 8th SEM CSE 2006 SCHEME - ACA SMS SAN PL June-July 2013
  • Master of Technology

  • 1st SEM Advanced Digital Communication
  • 1st SEM Computer Networks
  • 1st SEM Information Security
  • 1st SEM Network Programming
  • 1st SEM System Simulation and Modeling

Here you will find:
  • Previous Year Old Question Papers
  • Notes
  • Syllabus And Scheme
  • Fast Semester Results
  • and more in the future...
Keep uploading the papers u got! Take a snap if u have hard copy! Spread the word too !